Android vs iPhone by Robert Scoble (video)

Robert Scoble compares his new Google Android EVO vs the Apple iPhone.

Android Pros

The new Androids are head and tails above the first Android G1. Don’t judge Androids by a first generation model you may have used previously or someone you know has.

Tethering, Wifi hotspot, Android delivers first, very valuable especially in hotel stays and Robert describes how his Droid saved him the $15 a day fee at a hotel recently.

Multitasking rocks, Scoble talks about how multitasking makes the Android a computer, where as an iPhone is a still a one app at a time phone. Hence better battery life, it’s a trade off.

Google Voice is much better on Androids.

Android EVO screen size allows you to read documents much more easily. He said he can see reading a book on this and oddly enough Kindle for Android’s is due to be released this month by Amazon.

Google Maps is dramatically better on Android, turn by turn navigation on Android is very valuable, much much better than on iPhones.

Google Buzz and Latitude built into Google Maps, geo location features, all work much better on Androids.

AT&T is the Achilles heel of the iPhone. Numerous dead zones in the San Francisco area.

AT&T has now removed their unlimited data plans. You are grandfathered in at AT&T if you already have an unlimited data plan. Otherwise it’s $10 a GB. But if you want to tether the iPhone to use it as a portable WiFi hotspot you will lose your grandfathered unlimited plan and must pay the $10 per GB fees.

To activate an iPhone you have to activate thru iTunes. To get your backed up contacts from your previous iPhone, you have to reinstall them form iTunes. (I hate iTunes, won’t have it on my machines)

On an Android all you have to do is put in your Email address and Google password. When Scoble did this all his contacts showed up, all his apps showed up, all his calendar items showed up. It was all there in seconds with out having to use iTunes. This amazed me and it even amazed Robert Scoble.

Android Cons

Apple has already wrapped up the most viable users by getting to the market 2 years ahead of Google Androids. In other words, the peeps with the money already spent it with Apple. They already have purchased lots of iPhone apps and are pretty committed to their iPhone.

Battery life is better in iPhones, dramatically better as Scoble points out numerous times.

Solution: By a second battery and carry a charger and a car charger. Something I have already done.

Robert does point out the the microphone and sound quality of calls is better on the iPhone. I have noticed this myself, voice quality is somewhat less on my Droid.

The bottom line

Advantage: Google Android.

I currently pay $110 a month for unlimited everything thru Verizon on my Motorola Droid. The pricing plan AT&T just rolled out today really sucks.

Scoble describes meeting a normal guy in Tahoe that bought an Android even though he felt the iPhone may be a better device just because he hates AT&T so much. You also have the choice of Tmobile, Sprint or Verizon as your carrier.

Scoble said the only thing he does not like about the Android is the battery life.

He even goes so far to say that the he is not tempted to turn the iPhone back on, and he is a Apple fanboy.

As iPhone fanboy an you are going to meet natural resistance when you change to a new UI, like Android. Take this into consideration when you hear iPhone fans trash Google Androids.

It is also important to note, that this is Robert Scoble’s words, not mine, the number one Google fanboy.

Take the time to watch the video and get this right from the source. I have followed Scoble for years now and his take on this is very important as Robert Scoble is a huge influencer when it comes to anything tech. This video alone will sell many thousands of Androids.

In the end, it is the Android that will make or break Google social networking features. When you are able to reference your contacts, calendar, YouTube, Google Buzz and Google Wave networks right from your phone and sync them without having to sync to your main computer you can really see the advantage of Gwave Mastery.

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  1. Here’s the exact pricing on AT&T dataplans published in the New York Times today

    Starting on Monday, AT&T will offer tiered pricing. People will pay based on what they use, which the company says is fairer to everyone.

    Instead of paying $30 a month for unlimited data, new customers will be given the option of paying $15 a month for 200 megabytes, or $25 for 2 gigabytes, with added charges for greater use. AT&T estimates that the more expensive plan will cover 1,000 minutes of video, 400 song downloads or a million one-page e-mail messages. Those who want to keep their existing unlimited plans can do so.

    And here’s the link to the full article.

    Would have included it in the post but it was not published last night.

  2. Thanks Chris… you are bringing us the best of the best. Really appreciate it.

  3. Stevie Knight on said:

    Thanks Chris. Super interesting info. My iPhone/ATT contract is up for renewal this month, the same month the new iPhones are set to be released. I’ve been an iPhone fan since they came out. It’s the most useful tech and marketing tool I’ve ever purchased.

    But a recent conversation with an ATT wireless salesperson convinced me to take a closer look at Droid phones before deciding. Looks like I have more research to do. Thx much!


    Stevie Knight

  4. Good info, Chris. Wow, I would love one of those HTC Evo 4G’s. Soon, you will be mine, Evo. Soon… ;)