Google Analytics Social & Email Tracking Webinar

Google Analytics Certified Partner, Daniel Waisberg, will be hanging out live with you to answer all your Google Analytics questions Wednesday, April 18th, 4 PM EST

UPDATE: The Replay is now live below:

Breaking news, we reveal in the webinar that Google will soon track Google+ badges on our sites and way more, Click the video below to play!

On this webinar you will learn…

How to use the new Google Analytics social reports

How to track links you send out in emails to your list the right way

How to use the new dashboards we showed you last week to save you time

Where and When?

Just go to this link at 4 PM EST, Wednesday, April 18th to watch this live streamed event…

Just who is Daniel Waisberg?

Daniel Waisberg is the Founder & Editor of, a Marketing Measurement & Optimization website. He is also the Owner of Conversion Journey, a Google Analytics Certified Partner that provides insights on improving the measurement and performance of websites.

He has managed Web Analytics and Online Competitive Analysis for several websites being responsible for the measurement, analysis, and optimization of over a dozen websites.He holds a M.Sc. in Operations Research and Decisions from Tel Aviv University, where he developed a statistical model that helps to optimize websites using Markov Chains. Daniel is a frequent speaker & member of the Advisory Council of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.

Hope to hear from you on the Google+ page where you can ask questions in real time! – Chris

5 comments on “Google Analytics Social & Email Tracking Webinar

  1. I’m looking forward to this. Thanks Chris.

  2. I may not be able to make it live. Is there going to be a replay like your first G+ analytics webinar?

  3. Looking forward to it Chris.

  4. I will be at work when this happens, but will look forward to any information you can share. Have fun and learn a lot!

  5. Oops I was thinking today is Wednesday…Okay, I will look at this when I get home from work instead of right before I rush out the door.