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Hangouts On Air Embedded Video Is The First Serious Tool From Google+

Hangouts On Air can now be embedded on a webpage. This is the first serious tool Google+ has given us to drive traffic and you can now see my weekly “Google Plus For Business” show at http://www.gplusknight.com every Wednesday at 7 PM EST on that page.

Just grab the code in the hangout…

(click for full size)

Paste that single line of code into a webpage or a blog post. My advice would be to create a blog post like this one on the day or the show. As your show starts copy and paste in the embeded iFrame and hit save. Since it is the latest post it will be at the top of the blog on the domain. Just shout the domain now and anyone can easily see the streaming show.

I myself suggest that is you are going to build a list, you stream your Hangouts On Air to your squeeze page.

(click for full size)

Links from the G Drive Show

Whishlist that I use to build my members site…

Here is the step by step instructions to the Form that Courtney Engle showed us how to create.

Great example of what can be done with Google Docs forms here using a form to ask Narcissistic Personality Disorder Therapists to submit their credentials for inclusion in a directory site.

Gdrive Help file: Publishing does not affect visibility.

Gdrive Help file: About Gdocs Sharing.

Add more Google Gdrive Storage here…

What’s New For Google Documents, an overview.

What G Drive Lacks For Marketers

The one glaring lacking feature on G+ is the inability to only share content either publicly, or with our Circles. What Google+ lacks is the ability to make content only visible to those who FOLLOW me or better yet, one of my pages.

There is absolutely no way to say “Follow my page to get premium content” that I only share with my followers.” +Jack Humphrey did a very good job of delivering a great video tutorial when you Liked his Facebook page.

If Google sees that as incentivizing G+ pages and a violation of the Pages TOS then they had better rethink that one. Because instead of driving traffic here to build a page following I am instead driving it to my site.

If Google wants us to build our page Numbers then they are going to have to give us more to work with than what we have now. I will be showing you how we can create some very cool secured content with G Drive tomorrow, but I can’t secure it to my followers only. You have to follow my page, I have to manually follow you back the then manually share the content. That is not how business tools are supposed to work…

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