Google Releases Chrome Web Browser OS

Google’s OS brings Chrome and over 50 Google Sites together to form a web based Free Operating System, booting the machine with Linux and Google Friend Connect integrates as the social network of the OS to replace Microsoft

The Google Chrome Operating System to be released first on netbooks next year, frees you from the need for Microsoft to run the machine, provide the GUI that allows you to easily manipulate the file structure and support hardware and software. No more $300 Microsoft Windows license and no need for 4 GB of RAM and a expensive quad core processor and motherboard. Google uses Linux to boot the machine and provide the GUI for ease of use.

I currently run this browser / web OS on my machines and run my business with Google Applications. My main machine is five years old, has a Gig of RAM and a crappy dual core 3GB processor. It is a pathetic dinosaur by today’s standards. But yet this piece of junk out screams any Windows machine you have ever seen. All for about $100 worth of used parts.

I boot the machine with Ubuntu.

It boots in less than 30 seconds, the Google version boots in seconds.

You consume everything as apps thru the browser.

Access to all your files anywhere, any time.

You don’t have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates. It just works.

Hate Chrome? It runs flawlessly in any standards compliant browser on Windows, MAC or Linux.

It’s FREE!

You already use a browser OS, you just don’t know it

We consume, store and interact with software completely thru the browser using YouTube, Gmail, Google Reader, Picasa, Google Docs for Word type files, spreadsheets and light PowerPoint type presentations.

You write, publish and edit your sites thru the browser using WordPress.

You don’t have pictures on your hard drive, you store them in Picasa and can share them anywhere you go, even thru the phone.

Many of my friends are 20 somethings, they never buy software, they use the browser. These kids don’t download music, they search for the song on YouTube and play it on their 50 inch plasma TV.

They don’t buy video games, they play WOW online.

They don’t pay for anything, have no allegiance to a brand and just want computers to work fast, intuitively and with no hassle.

When I show them Ubuntu (a Linux version), they say “Hey, it’s just like Windows!” Any new user of Ubuntu can be up and running in no time. Because all they have to do is press the power button and launch the browser, that’s it.

Oh Yeah, did I tell you it’s FREE!

Why Google Chrome?

Google Chrome, used by over 30 million people regularly, is not only way faster than Firefox, compiling AJAX JavaScript more quickly, it also comes with Google Gears already installed. Google Gears give you offline access to Gmail, Google Reader, Google Docs and tons more, just like MS Office gives you the same abilities. But Google stores the files on their servers. You are never tied to one machine, you can get everything you need to reference to run your business with nothing more than a web browser on just about any computer anywhere in the world.

And you never need to store anything on the machine you are at, Google does that for you. No more constant backups and lost files after a Windows reformat due to malicious software. Installing Unbuntu took less than 10 minutes and the machine ran flawlessly and logged onto my wireless connect with no configuration the very first time I booted it. Windows who? I don’t know who that is anymore.

Exactly when will this be available?

Google was originally rumored to be releasing laptops, Android based OS machines by Christmas for $100 to $200. Google yesterday said “Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010.”

Not to mention all the Google applications come with your portable, open, social network and contacts list, Google Friend Connect

Here is the complete list of Google Applications and there are over 200 more that are not as mainstream or robust.

Oddly enough, Google just removed the beta tag on Gmail, Google Docs, GTalk and Google Calendar.

No need for 50 different passwords, just log in with your Google Friend Connect Gmail address.

Google Friend Connect integrates into every one of these applications, bringing a social network to the new browser OS that will be your next computer, won’t cost $2000, and will bring cheap computing to anyone that wants it. Facebook is now just a website. GFC is part of the next OS.

So, if Google is launching the next OS to take the reins from Microsoft, don’t you want to dominate the social network that integrates into the NEXT Operating System. Of course you do, go hang out with my Google Surf Club friends. They will help you get a jump start on the competition.

36 comments on “Google Releases Chrome Web Browser OS

  1. Microsoft… Google just ate your lunch, stole your girlfriend, beat you up in Gym class and chased you screaming like a little girl all the way home.

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  3. Microsoft is at least helpful whereas Google is just arrogant. What do people like me, who have been completely blanked by Google, do? Try sending an email explaining what happened to earn the monster’s wrath and get reinstated and they just ignore you. I’d like to see both companies get their come-uppance and somebody else get a look in. This is just another instance of Google’s quest for world domination

  4. just about time! thanks for that interesting info MR. Chris!

  5. I’m so excited about google social networking. I have finally positioned myself in front of a trend and I have you to thank Chris. I am truly appreciative, keep up the great work.

  6. @John Murphy, I agree, but since this is going to be huge, does it not make sense to learn how to use Google Friend Connect properly to make money and get Google rankings?

    We can rage against the machine all we want, but in the end we are in business to make money. Hence, dominate the social network that is going to be part of the next OS.

  7. @AVI, about time is right. I thought I was going to have to try to convince the world that this was coming. Thanks for doing my work for me Google.

  8. @Ian Bady, me too, only took me 10 years to be The One. Did not think I was going to find my one big chance. And we are on the leading edge. Wait till you see the new stuff in the Google Surf Club…

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  10. I Know your right on the money here Chris. (you always are). There is going to be a stampeede when it opens, that I don’t doubt. I bet you knew this was coming.

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  14. I’m not entirely convinced. If I were just starting out, then definitely.

    For now, my experience with getting help when I’m stuck with aspects of GFC, Gmail etc has been pretty poor (using their help forums) and with no manuals to read it actually gets in the way of my doing business.

    When Google staffers provide more help on those forums then I’ll be convinced.

    Just one example, when I share with Google Reader, I can share with only two folks, even though I have tens of gmail contacts using gmail. I’ve asked the simple question, “do folks have to use Google Reader in order to be able to share with them” and received no answer at all. Ok, it’s only been a handful of days, but those days are wasted ones.

    I’m not in business to waste time like this.

  15. @Lisa, Yeah, I did predict this, it hit me like a ton of bricks while decorating the Christmas tree December 15th, 2008. Sounds like a line from “Back to the Future”…

    About the same time the Search Wiki was being tested publicly and when my datacenter spilled it’s guts and ran the full Google Friend Connect network in my browser for 3 days.

    That is one of the final pieces, I thought I was going to have to try to convince the entire Internet that this was true. Thanks Google!

  16. @Mark,

    If you want answers from Google you are barking up the wrong tree. Google Friend Connect has so many ways to crush your competition that Google is not going to help us use it for that.

    Once the entire thing is up, Google Wave is in full release and all the tons and tons of code this took it will all work properly.

    If you hate it Mark, don’t use it. There are tons of ways to drive traffic and sales, GFC is just one.

    I myself just joined the Directory of eZines. Advertising is still the way to make money and email still converts better than social networks in the 30 to 50 year old demographic.

  17. Its about time someone did an OS that isn’t a memory hog! I’ve always missed my trusty Amiga and its OS that ran on a floppy disk! Looking forward to trying this one and have a secondary laptop currently running XP that will make the switch when this comes out! Good work google!

  18. @Lori, I will be doing a video on how you can try out the Browser OS, I run my own version without Chrome using Ubuntu. Don’t worry you can dual boot the Windows machine, it is slick.

    I am guessing you are on my email list, as soon as we get some time I am going to show a Win98 junker we pulled out of the trash, beating a Vista lappy with all the bells and whistles. If not join up in the to right of the page.

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  20. We invite everybody to speculate on the outcome of the battle ‘Google Chrome OS-Windows’. Is Google going to knock Microsoft down? Or Windows will never be defeated as the most popular OS? Tell us –

  21. tony on said:

    Hey Chris-

    I’m pretty new to all this and I’ve got a question.

    Will we have the option to run say vista or the chrome os when booting?

    And since this isn’t ready yet is there anything else you recommend I do today besides joining gfc and getting the chrome browser?

    Thanks for all the great info.


  22. Saweet.

    I work with non-profits and this is going to be one of my recommendations for them to be free of their IT issues… on the cheap. (the ‘non’ part of ‘non-profit’…)

    Less is more.

    I’ve dropped all the superflous formatting in my docs (since Google Docs) and now I get things done sooner with a clean aesthetic.

  23. @Grant,

    You are on the right track, yeah, you don’t have to wipe out Windows, the Ubuntu install will add a partition and dual boot on start up.

    To get set up right with GFC take my Google Friend Connect 7 day cruise, just opt into my email list (top right of this page), it will send you to all the links you need to get this set up right.

    Of course shout me through my contact page is you have questions and need help.

  24. I can’t imagine the speed. With an i7 Quad Core chip workstation built for running everything locally.

    This will change the computer industry someday big time – I mean really big time!

    The choke point then becomes your internet connection speed. There’s always something, lol.

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  26. Jim Nech on said:


    You are forgetting the fact that what drives most people’s choices for applications is what they use at work.

    I doubt that many large corporations will trust their confidential data to Google or anyone else for that matter.

    As a software developer my experience with Mocrosoft goes all the way back to the mid 80s and I can tell you that the landscape is littered with the the bodies of companies who thought they had an absolute lock on various segments of technology.

    I wonder how many people today remember Ashton Tate, WordStar, Lotus 123, Novell, Netscape to name a few.

    Unix was here before Microsoft and I have been hearing for years that Unix was going to take over the world and I am still waiting. Unix, Linux or whatever the current favorite flavor of the week may be.

    People love to hate Microsoft but as someone who has observed both companies since their birth I can confidently say that Google is at at least as greedy and oppressive as Microsoft if not much more so.

    As I have already mentioned, the string of dead companies who have been in direct competition with Microsoft resembles the burning vehicles on the Highway Of Death leading out of Kuwait back to Baghdad after the first Gulf War.

    If history has taught me anything, it is to not underestimate the resourcefulness or the resolve of Microsoft.

    As to the number of people using Chrome, all I can say is that very few of them are visiting my websites. My stats indicate that the majority of my visitors are using IE and second place goes to FireFox and Chrome is a tiny percentage.

    I for one will wait a while before I turn my destiny over to Google, they have not yet proven to me that they are that trustworthy!

  27. Anissa on said:

    I agree with Jim, although I do use google for many things, I do not want them taking over the world. Also, I like Windows. Do I like all the issues associated with it? No, but, then again, I would love to go back to the days of WordPerfect too. After 10 or more years and daily working with Word, I still hate it and would prefer WordPerfect.

    I don’t give full allegiance to any one brand or put all my eggs in one basket. I have serious issues with Google having all my information. I don’t want confidential info in their hands.

    I think all your research and working with GFC is going to be very useful to those who are looking for a different solution. You definitely are ahead of the curve, and its interesting to hear your take on all this.

    Great info, too bad I am not into it.

  28. Lorenzo on said:

    Hey Chris, can I play Sim 3 or Call of Duty on this new OS?

    Chris Lang: Nope but that is not what it is for. But that is not the fault of the OS, that is dependent on the video game software maker, they simply don’t code it for Linux.

    But then I don’t play video games, I make my living online. When I am done with work I should not be in front of a glowing screen. - Chris

  29. Keith on said:

    Nice post.

    I sure hope Goooogle doesn’t fuck up the OS world. Mac/Linux/Windows are plenty to choose from. The big’in (windows), the shit’in (linux) and the pricey’in (mac). What’s Google gonna be? The ignorant’in?

  30. @Keith,

    Yours is the perfect comment for a response I have been saving.

    I have a little different view of how real people use the Internet. Here goes…

    My best friends are a plumber and a commercial electrician. They are working class guys just like me and make a good living.

    They aren’t tech geeks like me but they are Internet junkies.

    They use the browser almost exclusively for everything they see and do on the Internet.

    Us tech guys are too close to the flame, we need the big OS for the software that is made for it. I still have to boot Window (W2K BTW) to run video editing apps.

    My buddies use online email, videos on YouTube, social sites, personal blogs on Sports and they use Picasa or Flickr to share their pictures they take at the Diamondbacks games we all go to. They use social sites to make new friends and meet women.

    Almost 100% usage thru the browser.

    This is all most Internet users need, a fast, stable OS that is easy to use, stable and best of all free.

    Hence most online users will eventually do the same. They don’t need 4 Gigs of RAM, a Qaud Core processor, a $2000 machine that gets clogged up with spyware and viruses from surfing porn (most popular activity on the web) and inflate the purchase price of the machine due to a Windows license.

    For $300 I put machines together for them both out of the parts of the last machine they had and boot it with Ubuntu.

    They get online easily, cheaply and for WAY cheap. That is why the Google OS will become widely adopted:

    When you look at a Windows machine at the cheapest, eMachine junk at Walmart and realize half the $399 price is Windows licensing and hardware to run it AND you don’t need it, then things change rapidly.

    Then you look at the Google ready Linux desktop right next to it that blows that eMachine junk away with a great video card and a 19 inch monitor for $297. Now do you get the power of the thing?

    It will be the price factor that will bring adoption. The first step is netbooks that can’t run the new versions of Vista and soon Windows 7. That is where Google is starting, Netbooks. Take out the Windows OS price and you can build a kick ass Netbook and sell it for $150.

  31. Hiya Chris,
    Yet another great post. MS has had the monopoly for years now. Ok, I won’t sell Apple out, but they have definitely done a great job with the Ipods and Iphones. Plus Apple/Mac users are extremely loyal.
    Linux users are too smart to even talk to, I am not on their techie level, but they brag of a virus free OS. I have never attempted to use it although with the way I surf the net I have been tempted to several times.
    I am always interested in what the big G little oo big G l e (sung to the tune of Oklahoma) is doing, and you are my best source of information.

    We have Google docs, Google pages, adwords, adsense, friend connect, friend feed, and more. They have everything we need, and then when it can be at a price we can afford is incredible. If they can have the Google phone why not have an OS?

    Google for President! They can run a world.

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  33. Keith on said:


    Thanks for the reply.

    I see where you are coming from. I never really thought about the people who just come on the computer for the internet — but then again I didn’t really know much about Google OS at the time.

    I just think we don’t really need another OS. Linux, Mac and Windows. They’ve all got their different purposes.

    Windows: For gamers, people who need software for their computing needs, and for 1st time buyers.

    Mac: For professionals, people who want a machine for work, word processing, and looking cool.

    Linux: People who don’t need much for their comouter — just the basics (internet, word processing etc.)

    Google: Basically Linux, but with a price tag?

    I’m still not quite sure about Google OS. But thanks for the reply,


  34. So I was thinking about getting a mini notebook to be more transportable but now I’ll wait til the new Google ones come out. Sounds like exactly what I need to just keep in touch and browse while I’m traveling. Very excited to see what apps will be ported to it – I’m sure we’ll have a lot very quickly after it comes out.

  35. Just heard the great news, I would like to say it was nice knowing you Microsoft, although I would be telling lies…

  36. rahul on said:

    Why MS don’t able to built a virus free OS.I assume that they are getting more money from updates and by solving virus problems.

    Well I need Internet with Google.
    Other time MS is Only Option for me.
    As I don’t have all day night Broadband.Broadband Speed is also a issue.I think Broadband price will increse if G OS get success.