Live SEO Meetup With Chris Lang Phoenix Arizona

Live in AZ? Want to meetup with Chris Lang in person? Join this AZ SEO meetup group and come get to know other local business owners like yourself

I will be hanging out and meeting local business owners here in Phoenix Arizona at the July SEO Meetup, July 16th, 2009.

My assistant Margie and I will both be there and this is a open local group here in the Phoenix area, so you are welcome to join up and attend. Just follow the link to join the group and RSVP. Only 16 spots left as I write this post.

Use the Google Friend Connect Events gadget below to let me know you are going to be there or if you are in the Phoenix area and are not going to attend, then let me know that too.

Want to use a Google Friend Connect gadget like this on your site? Google Friend Connect Events Gadget tutorial and video here will show you how.

4 comments on “Live SEO Meetup With Chris Lang Phoenix Arizona

  1. Hi Chris,

    It sounds like fun, but I’ll be at the Tahoe Celebrity Golf tourney at Edgewood, hanging with Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky and Jerry Rice!

    Maybe you can come to Sacramento and do an SEO meetup here?


  2. Julie, I would love to do a Google Friend Connect meetup in Sacramento. If you want to set it up, I will be glad to handle the presentation.

    A date in August would be best and we are planning many of there, this is but the first trail run.

  3. Chris

    That sounds fabulous. I know the Sacto peeps would be very interested. Let’s chat on the phone next week.

  4. I will be there Thursday night Chris and I very much looking forward to meeting you…


    Dave Kettner