FREE Google Business Profile Cards

Did you see you can get Google profile business cards free? The first 10,000 get a set free, just look on your Google profile, if the offer still exists you will see link and you have to be logged in.

You can see it on my Chris Lang profile here and if you are logged into the account you use for Google Friend Connect it will show the link at the top. Just click the “my profile” link in the top right of my profile and that will take you to your profile and the offer is still good as of 5:37 AM Arizona US time.

Here’s what mine looked like, click it for the large view.

Really free too, shipping and all and this is not a late April Fools day joke either.

Hope you make it in time.

5 comments on “FREE Google Business Profile Cards

  1. Emilio Gagliardi on said:

    weak, only available in the US…

  2. @Emilio,

    Yeah, kind of to be expected, when the shipping is free.

  3. For you guys who don’t live in the US I have a solution.

    Go thru the link and start the process so you can see the card image.

    You can just grab the image and have them printed locally.

    Just get the image by right clicking it and selecting “save image as”, use the + zoom button to make it as large as possible, then save the image to your computer then have your printer print them.

    This way Google does the image creation for you, saves you the price of the printer doing it and you can still get the cool card cheap.

  4. frank burns on said:

    Chris, after these cards are printed imagine having a script which places the exact information that is printed on your card, also on your website…word for word. It would be good security to give you cards out and at the same time, direct your clients to your website where the same details are displayed in your profile box. If this could be done it would eliminate hackers from altering someone’s card details because it wouldn’t match with the profile box and could be easily discarded as a forgery?

  5. Is it still possible to make these cards? I was going to save an image of it and go to kinkos, but it seems like when I go to the profile page, it’s no longer available…