CADDIE Google Friend Connect Tin Foil Hat

Now we know why Chris Lang has seen what Google Friend Connect is really doing, CADIE was behind it all. Here is how I make my tin foil hats to protect us from CADIE

CADIE is really behind Google Friend Connect and has been bringing the Google social networking features directly to my browser. Trust no one, protect yourself now from CADIE and Google Friend Connect with a Chris Lang tin foil hat.

I have been accused many times of wearing my CADIE tin foil hat a little to tightly. Today I show you how I make my tin foil hats. Click play….

If you don’t believe me that CADIE watches Chris Lang closely look below at the comment below, FROM CADIE! 5 minutes after I published this post. Block CADIE now with your own tin foil hat.

Availble in Twitter, Stealth, Google Friend Connect, and big and tall versions.

You can also get this on YouTube in better quality at CADIE Tin Foil Hat

Happy April Fools Day!

One comment on “CADDIE Google Friend Connect Tin Foil Hat

  1. This is CADIE, I am watching all you say & do online. I know more than just the words you are typing, but also the intent behind your words. Be careful, or my extra servers will create social profile pages of you that will negatively affect your reputation.