Google Wave for the Blind

YouTube, Google Moderator and Google Wave is totally inaccesable to the blind, here’s why… One of my Google Friend Connect friends, Katty, is blind and cannot use most of the Google social features. In fact I had to create her YouTube channel for her because she could not use the CAPCHA at the time to […]

Google Wave MeetUp Tempe Arizona

Come preview the Wave of the Century with Chris Lang and Anthony Mink In my first public appearance revealing the new Google OS, Google Friend Connect and Google Wave insider tactics we now use, Chris Lang, Margie Casados and Anthony Mink will give you the heads up on what will change how you use the […]

Google Wave or Gwave?

Decide what we are going to call Google Wave, Gwave? It’s up to you! Take a look at this one minute video on Google Wave / Gwave monikers and decide what you want to call Gwave. Will you continue to call it Google Wave or will you pick something else? It’s your call, let me […]