Google Plus Comments Plugin For WordPress

Fully interactive Google+ comments WordPress plugin, with Spam Control, +1 PM notifications, Circles or Public filtering, HoverCard overlays, and more… With not one line of code or Google API key access needed. Seriously, I had Google Plus commenting that shares into the commenters Google+ feed installed here in 60 seconds and I did not even […]

Google I/O For Marketers Replay

Chris Lang’s Google I/O Analysis For Marketers Google I/O For Marketers Analysis Video Google Conversation Voice Chrome Search Is Live Screen shots from Search Engine Watch Google Music Will Make Google+ Massively Popular Get The Google Music 30 Day Free Trial Here Resize The New Google Plus 3 Column Feed Google Mapping Course […]

Google Plus Business Pages Can Comment, +1 & Share Now

You may have heard that G+ pages can now +1 and comment on any post, be it a page or a personal profile post. But what I really want to do is Share great content from G+ers to my page. Right? In this short video today I show you all the breaking news AND how […]

New Google+ Personal Profile Badge

Easily create a Google+ Profile Badge For Your Personal Profile So You Can Be Followed Right From Your Site Just like we have seen Google Plus badges for business profiles that allow you to follow Google+ brand pages from a business website, now we have badges for Google+ personal profiles. Get your Google+ personal profile […]

Google Search Plus One Your World Webinar

I will be hosting the first webinar on Google Plus One Search, The New Google Social Search, here’s the details… The webinar starts at Thrusday, 8 PM EST, but to get the alert you need to join my Google+ newsletter here…. Just what does Google’s new Search Plus One Social Search mean to you? Google […]

Top 10 Google+ Plus Tips

10 Google Plus Tips Revamped For 2013 Sounds pretty good don’t it? Below is my Top 10 Google+ Tips, but it’s missing one, there’s only 9 plus tips. So…. The best G+ tip submitted by commenters here on the blog post wins inclusion in my new Guide To Google Plus Marketing that will be downloaded […]