Google Friend Connect Events Gadget

Here is a little demonstration of the new events gadget from Google Friend Connect and the new profile URLs in Google Profiles Two cool things form Google today, just worked all night to get these to you bright and early. Click thru to the YouTube video, log in with your YouTube id. If you do […]

YouTube is Now a Social Bookmarking Site

YouTube rolls out the first social features of Google Friend Connect on YouTube and YouTube is now a social bookmarking site. Digg eat your heart out. The money maker here is that if you are number one in a YouTube search for a term, you will also be in the top 10 for that same […]

Add Google Friend Connect to Blogger in 30 Seconds

I had previously recorded a Google Friend Connect YouTube video about how to add GFC to Blogger. The way to do it now is even easier than you think, just add the Followers widget. Click dashboard in the top right corner of Blogger. Then click settings. Then the Layout tab. Next click the add gadget […]

YouTube Adds Twitter – Google Friend Connect Social Bookmarking

You can now Tweet from YouTube videos and Google Friend Connect added 30 social bookmarking sites from the GFC gadget YouTube Twitter integration and Google Friend Connect social bookmarking integration is just one more social marketing addition by Google’s social networking features. This is a huge opportunity for you. By educating your visitors that these […]

Google Friend Connect WordPress Plugin

Google now offers their OWN Google WordPress Plugin Google has just released their own Google Friend Connect WordPress Plugin. This is not a outside developer plugin, but a direct from GOOGLE WordPress plugin. I will warn you now, this is harder to install than the original GFC gadget that everyone hated on and could not […]

Google Friend Connect Questions?

Ask Chris Lang anything you like about Google Friend Connect and Google Social Networking right here on the GFC Tactics blog UPDATE: Google Friend Connect Is Closing in an announcement from Google on all sites except Blogger, spring, 2012… As I a Google Friend Connect networking authority I get a lot of questions about GFC […]

Google Friend Connect Blogger Followers?

WOW Blogger Followers widget is now Google Friend Connect as if by magical transformation? If you have been following ME I told you this happening in September 2008 Google Friend Connect was being tested in Blogger followers widgets in September 2008 and it always was intended to be GFC. We told you way back then […]

Social Bar – Cures IE GFC Woes and Widget Envy

Social bar by Google released today seems to cure IE problems, cleans up sidebars and promises a future free of widgets from hell and sidebar traffic jams created by the dreaded widget envy syndrome Anyone that has followed me for long knows I frakin (bsg reference) hate widgets. HATE EM. What a waste of space […]

Google Friend Connect Bugs Gone Google Latitude

Wondered why Google’s Google Friend Connect features have not been working like I said they do? Here’s why! I said your Google Friend Connect friends show up in Gmail contacts. They didn’t. I said Google Friend Connect friends appear in chat. They didn’t. I said the blogs you join are added to Google Reader by […]

Google Social Networking

Google Social Networking Kicks Facebook Connect butt! Here’s why… One of my Google Social Networking friends posted this comment on a Google Social Networking thread and now that Googling Social is live I just had to add my Google Social two cents. Best two cents you will ever get too! “The truth is the space […]