Authorship Brownouts Due to “FaceRank”?

That is what top SEO expert Mike Blumenthal suggests in his blog post: Authorship Brownouts Due to “FaceRank”? here… Be sure to read his post completely before I really surprise you below :] Here is my Authorship Two Cents… I am finding Authorship thumbnails to be very dynamic, and in 3 searches for the same […]

Google Plus AuthorShip Emails – Top Five Reasons Why You Got One

OK, so Google Authorship Emails went out today, why did you get this, what does this mean to you, your blog and authorship in Google Search Results? #5 You already set up authorship, this is a reminder… You already set up your authorship links or verified via email, the way many have tried to teach […]

Google Plus Author Thumbnails, Authorship and Author Rank

I was lucky enough to have AJ Kohn take the time to explain how Google Plus Author Thumbnails are created, how setting up Google Authorship can be done four different ways and why the Author Rank Google algorithm is so important to us all today and tomorrow Take the time to watch the entire G […]