My Oscar 2014 Best Short Video Entry

Vote for me or she will slit my throat…

How To Become An Expert Authority In Any Niche

My thanks go out to expert authorities Jack Humphrey, Mari Smith, Paul Myers, Simon Ford (my competition) and Howie Schwartz that helped me get from unknown to well known in under 3 years The bottom line here guys is if I can do it, you can do it, yes it takes hard work but if […]

Google Wave Workshop Sacramento California

We are very pleased to announce two more Google Wave Workshop events this month Looking forward to helping you all GET Google Wave and Google Friend Connect.

Google Wave MeetUp Tempe Arizona

Come preview the Wave of the Century with Chris Lang and Anthony Mink In my first public appearance revealing the new Google OS, Google Friend Connect and Google Wave insider tactics we now use, Chris Lang, Margie Casados and Anthony Mink will give you the heads up on what will change how you use the […]

Live SEO Meetup With Chris Lang Phoenix Arizona

Live in AZ? Want to meetup with Chris Lang in person? Join this AZ SEO meetup group and come get to know other local business owners like yourself I will be hanging out and meeting local business owners here in Phoenix Arizona at the July SEO Meetup, July 16th, 2009. My assistant Margie and I […]

FREE Google Business Profile Cards

Did you see you can get Google profile business cards free? The first 10,000 get a set free, just look on your Google profile, if the offer still exists you will see link and you have to be logged in. You can see it on my Chris Lang profile here and if you are logged […]

CADDIE Google Friend Connect Tin Foil Hat

Now we know why Chris Lang has seen what Google Friend Connect is really doing, CADIE was behind it all. Here is how I make my tin foil hats to protect us from CADIE CADIE is really behind Google Friend Connect and has been bringing the Google social networking features directly to my browser. Trust […]

Google Friend Connect Questions?

Ask Chris Lang anything you like about Google Friend Connect and Google Social Networking right here on the GFC Tactics blog UPDATE: Google Friend Connect Is Closing in an announcement from Google on all sites except Blogger, spring, 2012… As I a Google Friend Connect networking authority I get a lot of questions about GFC […]

Googling Social says “Hello world!”

Today marks the first day of blogging here at Googling Social and just wanted to mark the event and break the champagne across the bow, so to speak.