Google Friend Connect Blogger Followers?

WOW Blogger Followers widget is now Google Friend Connect as if by magical transformation? If you have been following ME I told you this happening in September 2008

Google Friend Connect was being tested in Blogger followers widgets in September 2008 and it always was intended to be GFC. We told you way back then that this was going to happen.

Let’s take a step back to when I first reported this. Heck we were no so excited when I saw Google Friend Connect running in followers widgets that we drug my brand new video camera out in the front yard and shot our very first video at 6:30 in the morning.

You see can here that I am describing GFC widgets as they appear now, that is because I saw them running on Blogger in place of the following widget long before they were released.

So, here I am, 6:30 in the morning, September 16th, 2008, (the full original video is available with the date stamp on viddler) after being up all night playing with the first version on GFC. This is the first video we ever shot six months ago telling you what was coming and NOW everyone wants to make this breaking Google Friend Connect news.

So, Ask Yourself “Self, Who should I be listening to….

Option #1.

The guy who told me last week that “OH look, it’s Google Friend Connect on Blogger! How cool…

Option #2.

The guy who last week said “Oh look, Google Now United with Google Friend Connect” right off the Google blog. (BTW nice work wannabees)

Option #3

#3. The guy who saw this SIX MONTHS AGO,
was so excited he ran out to his driveway with his video camera and told you all about it so you might have a chance to see it before it was gone? (that’s me)

You can find out what else Google is doing NOW instead of six months from now when Google decides you are ready to know or you can get it now here: Google Friend Connect from me.

IF you want to know what Google is really doing I suggest you get this information now from the only real Google Friend Connect authority there is and begin to put the pieces together before your competition does.

9 comments on “Google Friend Connect Blogger Followers?

  1. Hi Chris,

    Great prediction, and also well done with your GFC stuff of late.

    I want to put something to you man. You know times are tough for most folks, so how about offering some more value (I know you can) to your monthly subscription.

    We know you are already a generous guy, so let’s see what you can do for your readers and make us go wow!

    Keep up the good work :-)


  2. @Clint Maher,

    This information was originally conceived as a $997 info product offered as a single download.

    The problem with that is multi-fold:

    1. I am not a Frank Kern or a John Reese. I can’t sell info products at that price, I just do not have the GURU status and JV partners that these guys do.

    2. I am done with eBooks, they are impossible to update, you get nothing but complaints when you try to deliver updates and it is real hard to handle updates.

    3. The economy is crap and has everyone scared to death and I just can’t see trying to sell someone a $997 product when most are simply trying to keep their kids fed, clothed and a roof over their families heads.

    4. The information in eBooks on the bleeding edge like GFC is obsolete before you can read it.

    Members only sites solve all these problems.

    For only $27 a month, anyone can afford my one of a kind information. ANYONE.

    It’s less than the price of lunch.

    At the same time, most social marketing gurus are offering their latest members only sites at $97 a month. Just check up on what Jack, Howie and Michelle are all offering of late.

    So, in short my information will always be up to date, constantly updated and immediately available.

    What I should be selling at $997 is only $27 a month, $332 total in a year and you don’t have to plunk down the whole price now. If you don’t like it you can cancel at any time.

    This information is one of a kind, no one else can possibly have it because I was the only one who did see it.

    Read the sales letter at the link above, it only appeared in my browser, for what ever reason, I got to see what Google is GOING to do. Just like I was the ONLY one who saw the Blogger Followers widget running full blown GFC code 4 months before GFC was released and 6 months before GFC was released last week as the Followers gadget on Blogger.

    With that kind of value, reduction in price and constantly updated content I can’t see what else I can give you.

    I don’t even offer the slew of free bonuses that the guru’s tack on to every product in their sales letter.

    There is no reason to.

    I am not even offering an affiliate program so I can keep the price low. I would have to double the price to make a decent profit and pay affiliates.

    I am going to make way less because of all these points but I don’t really care about money. I just want to make enough to keep me comfortable and working.

    All this is done so I can help you use these bleeding edge technologies to position yourself for what is the viral marketing platform of the future.

    Does that make sense? I cannot give away any more than I am Clint and I think this is extreme value in and of itself.

    All viewpoints on this are welcome, I value all your feedback. Please let me know what you think.

    – Chris Lang

  3. @Chris Lang

    I can handle that, nice work. Don’t hold back in future mate :-)


  4. Thanks Clint, and thanks for speaking your mind. It is comments like yours that allow me to answer the questions that you all have.

    The EXACT reason for blogs and social interaction at work! The original reason for a blog was so that sellers of product can get back real time questions and objections to an offer.

    I hope I was able to clarify what, why and how I am offering my information. Above all I am out to help people that want help with the best GFC information there is.

    At the end of the day I am a business man, I am here to sell product. I am very proud of what I sell and believe that my products above all help people.

    When you look at it like that you can sleep at night. – Chris

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  6. Always worthy

  7. Hi Chris I started using Blogger from day one , knew google were Intrested and its paying dividends and your right you aren’t a frank kern or a John Reese or a Howie Shwartz but then not everyone knows everything. howie has said he has 70+ people all over world just doing research on what Google likes and dislikes, one thing I do know is Howie this year is drop shipping his halloween costumes, he had so much success with last year

  8. @David Lee Venters,

    Howie ain’t no Reese or a Kern either.

    By the way, I did not have to abandon my social bookmarking platform the way Howie, or Jack or Michelle’s comment spam software all bit the dust.

    Mine still works, is still available and will still get you a Digg profile that is real and pulls major Diggers as friends.

    Yeah, I am definitely not a social bookmarking spammer David, that is very true.

    And If you notice none of the social marketing gurus have what I do this time either.

    And I am never going to sell Halloween costumes either, I prefer to be Chris Lang. There can be only one….

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