GFC Blogger Comments Gadget

One of my subscribers asked “I did not find yet how to enable comments with gfc at Blogger.

I have looked for the same option myself. Then I thought back to when I saw the Blogger Followers gadget running Google Friend Connect in Sept. 2008 and when I did not realize that the files we have to install on our sites are already there on Blogger.

They would have to be to support the Followers gadget that is actually GFC members. So…..

I immediately realized I am a dumbass.

Joao, Blogger IS already using the Goggle Friend Connect comments GFC gadget.

Think about it….

  • You log into Blogger with your Gmail GFC address
  • You log into GFC with the same address
  • When you COMMENT of Blogger you use the Gmail too
  • HELLO! Chris, it is already there and always has been….

Slap to the forehead, somewhere they are all laughing at me in Googleplex and maybe more coffee?

So, now we know. Sometimes I am a dumbass, Sometimes maybe not so much and Google Friend Connect comments gadget is already an integral part of Blogger and it always has been.

I don’t mind being wrong but I cannot stand not being able to figure something out especially when it has to do with Google Friend Connect and Blogger.

2 comments on “GFC Blogger Comments Gadget

  1. When GFC first launched I hid comments in Blogger and put a GFC Review/Rate widget (page specific) under each blog post. I thought it was great, but some readers complained that they missed being able to click the link under each post that showed the number of comments and be taken to a comment page. This also was irksome due to the fact that I keep 4 posts on the main page, so the page associated widget keep comments for each post page and one for just the main page, got confusing to some. What I would like is for the GFC review/rate widget to replace the Blogger comment system and show all comments in the social bar as site activity.

  2. I would leave both in place. If even a few Bloggers are using the comments system in place let them do it.

    Forcing your visitors to do anything usually hurts your standing with them.

    I also now feel that Blogger will be building more social features into Blogger. Let’s wait and see what they are doing.

    Why? Because Google bypassed the GFC widget by morphing the Followers widget into GFC members widget just like I said they would in September 2008.

    So before we decide what should be used in Blogger why not wait and see what Google has up their sleeves?

    Google has way more coming than even you can believe and even more than I know and I am the only one so far that knows what Google is going to do.

    That is why I am the ONLY GFC authority, not because I know what they are doing, I know what they are GOING to do.

    Make sense?