Add Google Friend Connect to Blogger in 30 Seconds

I had previously recorded a Google Friend Connect YouTube video about how to add GFC to Blogger.

The way to do it now is even easier than you think, just add the Followers widget.

  • Click dashboard in the top right corner of Blogger.
  • Then click settings.
  • Then the Layout tab.
  • Next click the add gadget link in the blog gadgets.
  • This will open a new window.
  • Followers is the first one displayed under the basics subheading.
  • Click the + sign.
  • Fill in the title.
  • Click save.

You have just installed Google Friend Connect on Blogger.

Hope this finally clears up this Google Friend Connect Blogger issue.

7 comments on “Add Google Friend Connect to Blogger in 30 Seconds

  1. What about adding the social bar and other pieces (wall, reviews) without having to crack open your template code? I’m fine doing that – just wondering if there’s a “gadgetized” way right now or in the pipe.

  2. @Tyler,

    I am wearing my tin foil hat really tightly tonite so let’s talk quickly.

    Google is litening and they don’t like me giving this stuff away.

    Use the same process above, then when you add a Gadget and the first in the list is the Followers widget, the next is the HTML widget. Just copy and paste the code you need to add and save the edit.

    This is how you add the social bar and any other. I also use this to display the Google Reader shared items from my feed as well.

    Hope this helps and the Tin Foil Hat video is going to be up soon so you can sleep at night. Unlike Chris Lang who dreams all night about what Google is going to do next…

  3. Thanks, Chris – this is very helpful. Hope the tin foil protected you from *them*. ;)

  4. Monika on said:

    Chris, quick question. I am pretty new to all this blogging, friends connect stuff. You are talking about a code to copy to your blogger. Where can I find that code?



  5. Monika, No, what I am talking about now is that the followers widget is now Google Friend Connect.

    Just follow the instructions above and add the Followers widget, that is all you need to do, that is it.

    Just like I told everyone back in Sept. 08, the Followers widget IS Google Friend Connect.

    Just follow the step by step instructions above and Blogger does it for you.

  6. I did it on Blogger, Chris! Thanks. Now all I need help with is the sidebar on my Google Friend Connect page. It’s not give me the options after I download those two links. I don’t know how to do it from your instruction and I’m using FireFox. But I will keep trying just so you don’t spend so much time on me :-). Take care Chris.

  7. Thanks Chris. This was really easy :)