Monthly Archives: May 2013

Google Plus Comments Plugin For WordPress

Fully interactive Google+ comments WordPress plugin, with Spam Control, +1 PM notifications, Circles or Public filtering, HoverCard overlays, and more… With not one line of code or Google API key access needed. Seriously, I had Google Plus commenting that shares into the commenters Google+ feed installed here in 60 seconds and I did not even […]

The Internship – Google As The Anti “The Social Network” Movie

Danny Sullivan, the most well know SEO guy there is, had tons of great things to say about “The Internship,” the new Google Movie, due out June 7th. For those not up on the plot, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, play two out-of-work sales reps who manage to land, against all odds, internships at Google. […]

Google I/O For Marketers Replay

Chris Lang’s Google I/O Analysis For Marketers Google I/O For Marketers Analysis Video Google Conversation Voice Chrome Search Is Live Screen shots from Search Engine Watch Google Music Will Make Google+ Massively Popular Get The Google Music 30 Day Free Trial Here Resize The New Google Plus 3 Column Feed Google Mapping Course […]