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Google Analytics WorkShop For Business

Don’t miss Part 3 of my Google Analytics series: Google Analytics Workshop Live  What you will learn The ONLY WordPress plugin you should be using to add Google Analytics tracking to your blog ~ How to set up Google analytics the RIGHT Way! Why you may have Google Analytics set up the wrong way […]

Google Analytics Social & Email Tracking Webinar

Google Analytics Certified Partner, Daniel Waisberg, will be hanging out live with you to answer all your Google Analytics questions Wednesday, April 18th, 4 PM EST UPDATE: The Replay is now live below: Breaking news, we reveal in the webinar that Google will soon track Google+ badges on our sites and way more, Click the […]

YouTube To Add Google+ Commenting (huge plus)

YouTube To Add Google+ Commenting Says Tom Pickett, Head of YouTube Operations In an interview with Reuters news service, Pickett, on Thursday 4-12, during a visit to India went on to say… “As we think of incorporating Google Plus type functionality we think we can get a better dialogue going and a social platform that’s […]

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools Webinar

Take a tour of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools with Chris Lang and his special guest panel UPDATE: You can now see the Analytics webinar, just click the video below… Thursday, April 12th, at 7 PM EST, myself, Chris Lang and a special guest panel will be taking a tour of Google Analytics, Google […]

New Google+ Layout = Office 2000 + Facebook

I Woke up this mornin’… Got myself some coffee… Everything I had was gone, Gosh Darn Shame… (sang to the sopranos theme song) Seriously, I woke up, grabbed some coffee, read my email, then as always went to Google+ for my dose of news and tech. Then I thought it was April Fools. Checked the […]

How To Add Author Code To WordPress (easy way)

Google+ Author Tags Now Only Require Google Plus Badges or so we believe… Want to see that author thumbnail of your bright shiny face in Google search? It is now easier than before, with just a Google+ badge We believe that Google has finally learned their lesson, since 99% of all WordPress users don’t know […]

Google+ Author Thumbnails On YouTube Results SERPS

Yesterday for the first time I saw author thumbnails showing in Google search results on YouTube videos My friend Steven Vargas showed up in Google results with his author thumbnail showing yesterday. (click for full size) It is important to note that this is not Google social search but what passes for Google organic search. […]