Monthly Archives: January 2012

Beware The Blackhat Google+ Moves

When we went to see The Social Network movie I looked behind us in the theater and saw how as Zuckerberg was obviously double dealing the Winklevie…, people were in awe of his moves, actually wished they had the chance to rip off anyone to get ahead. At that point I knew that morals and […]

Google Plus Marketing Tips – Google Alerts +1

Here’s an easy way to break the ice with influencers on Google+ or any social network, using Google alerts We all know that getting influencers to take the time to get to know you is key, right? In fact my first social marketing book, Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics was about just that back in […]

Google Search Plus One Your World Webinar

I will be hosting the first webinar on Google Plus One Search, The New Google Social Search, here’s the details… The webinar starts at Thrusday, 8 PM EST, but to get the alert you need to join my Google+ newsletter here…. Just what does Google’s new Search Plus One Social Search mean to you? Google […]