Monthly Archives: November 2009

Google Wave Notifier – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to You And Yours! I hope this Thanksgiving finds you happy and very thankful. Margie and I are both in Mesa and are celebrating our Thanksgiving together. This is a year for us to both be very thankful. I have seen allot of misfortune in the last year and I have had my […]

Top 10 Google Chrome OS Debut Mind Blowers

Here’s the top 10 things I learned by watching the Google Chrome OS debut webinar and believe me they are mind blowers. There’s tons more but these are the top benefits and the things that will shape the future of how we will use computers in the future. Here’s the entire Google Chrome OS Webinar […]

Google OS Download?

Google Chrome OS To Launch Within A Week says Arrington on TechCruch UPDATE: The complete Google OS source code is here on my latest blog post. UPDATE: 2 TechCruch just published a guide to compiling and running the Chromium build / virtual machine and there are quite a few different versions you can run in […]