Monthly Archives: September 2009

Google Wave Invites….

OK, I know you are all chomping at the Google Wave bit, here tis… Yes, Google says Wave invites come out today. No I don’t have mine yet. More bad news, Google Wave headquarters is in Australia. Australia is 17 hours ahead of Phoenix, Arizona. That means we have until tomorrow to wait if that […]

Google Wave for the Blind

YouTube, Google Moderator and Google Wave is totally inaccesable to the blind, here’s why… One of my Google Friend Connect friends, Katty, is blind and cannot use most of the Google social features. In fact I had to create her YouTube channel for her because she could not use the CAPCHA at the time to […]

Google Wave Account Invites

Here’s how you get the rarest ticket of the year, a Google Wave invite September 30th, less than a week away as of this writing and public Gwave invites go out to 100,000. But exactly who will get them? Here’s the straight poop, right from a Google Wave guy as of September, 22nd, 2009. Round […]

Google Wave Workshop Sacramento California

We are very pleased to announce two more Google Wave Workshop events this month Looking forward to helping you all GET Google Wave and Google Friend Connect.