Monthly Archives: May 2009

Google Friend Connect Comments

When you learn how to comment properly, add value to the parent blog post and help people rather than spamming blogs to get links or a few measly visitors the return value in phenomenal. What this video and learn how to do it right and even I can’t believe the return on this one.

Google Outage May Have Affected Your Gmail Friends List

To document what Google faces everyday to deliver not just Google Friend Connect, but all the top notch apps to us, here is one reason why Google Friend Connect mutual friends may not be showing in Gmail right now Let me start by saying, Google Friend Connect mutual friends DEFINITELY show up in Gmail because […]

Jack Humphrey Interviews Top Google Friend Connect Authority

Jack Humphrey and the guy he calls “The number one Google Friend Connect Authority” are answering all your Google Friend Connect questions onĀ  Jack’s FTR Blog Today I myself am going to swing on by Jack Humphrey’s Friday Traffic Report blog and listen to what he claims is an interview with the absolute number one […]

FREE Google Business Profile Cards

Did you see you can get Google profile business cards free? The first 10,000 get a set free, just look on your Google profile, if the offer still exists you will see link and you have to be logged in. You can see it on my Chris Lang profile here and if you are logged […]