Monthly Archives: April 2009

Google Launches Their Own Digg as What’s Popular Gadget

Google goes social bookmarking with the iGoogle What’s Popular Gadget Google has been on fire lately with three new gadgets, today I want you to look at the future with the new Google Digg Style What’s Popular Gadget. I have a link in the comments at the link above to add the iGoogle What’s Popular […]

How to FTP Google Friend Connect Files

How to download and FTP the files needed to get Google Friend Connect up and running on your site Google Friend Connect files are not easily downloaded due to the way Firefox drops them into your downloads folder. Here is a video, step by step How To Download / FTP Google Friend Connect Files that […]

Open Letter To Jack Humphrey

Here it is, what Google Friend Connect is really about, reprinted from a forum post on Jack Humphrey’s Social Marketing Central Jack, this is intended for you since it was you that gave me my start in social marketing here on SMC. I am tired of keeping my mouth shut and watching people who know […]

Google Friend Connect Events Gadget

Here is a little demonstration of the new events gadget from Google Friend Connect and the new profile URLs in Google Profiles Two cool things form Google today, just worked all night to get these to you bright and early. Click thru to the YouTube video, log in with your YouTube id. If you do […]

Google Profile Custom URL and GFC On YouTube

Google profiles now offer custom profile URLs like you expect from social sites and Google Friend Connect is in full release on YouTube. Google profiles have always been a little weird, but all they were doing was hiding out until Google was ready. Now your Google Profile offers custom URLs and you can link your […]

YouTube is Now a Social Bookmarking Site

YouTube rolls out the first social features of Google Friend Connect on YouTube and YouTube is now a social bookmarking site. Digg eat your heart out. The money maker here is that if you are number one in a YouTube search for a term, you will also be in the top 10 for that same […]

Google to Buy Twitter

Google in talks to buy Twitter TechCrunch today reported Google buying Twitter is a huge possibility as Google and Twitter are in negotiations right now. A Google Twitter buyout has been predicted here for a while now. I have detailed the Twitter YouTube integration and the Google Friend Connect Twitter integration. With this history in […]

CADDIE Google Friend Connect Tin Foil Hat

Now we know why Chris Lang has seen what Google Friend Connect is really doing, CADIE was behind it all. Here is how I make my tin foil hats to protect us from CADIE CADIE is really behind Google Friend Connect and has been bringing the Google social networking features directly to my browser. Trust […]