Monthly Archives: December 2008

How Google Friend Connect Members Can Upload Photos

On the Friend Connect Google group members asked: “How can Friend Connect members of my blog add pictures to our Friend Connect community Two members both asked: “Just added Friend connect to my site – I thought maybe there was a way for people to upload photos? Or link to them… or have a personal […]

How to Create a Google Profile

Google profiles are a little hard to find but you can build your Google profile here A Google Friend Connect Group member asked: “Where do the pictures the Google Friend Connect widget uses in the profiles come from?” The photo comes from your Google Profile, you can find yours by going to Google Reader, then […]

Add Friend Connect to Blogger

Google Friend Connect is easily added to Blogger It may seem like there is some Friend Connect missing instructions on Blogger or on the Freind Connect site. But there is not, it is easy to connect Blogger to Friend Connect. Google owns them both, that is the thing to keep in mind. Boy did I […]