Monthly Archives: November 2008

Friend Connect Any Day?

Friend Connect New Page Changes… #1. Google changed the link text to the sign up page from “prerelease priview release” to “preview release” the night before Thanksgiving. #2. Instead of the six original “example” sites that ran left to right, now Google has moved these sites to a two wide descending top to bottom order. […]

Friend Connect?

Google Friend Connect is rumored to go live soon. Will Friend Connect Connect Friends or just make promises this time? Google has added the Friend Connect support pages now and a new video on the Friend Connect Website, replacing the tired old thing about the Guacamole site. Amit at says he thinks Google Friend […]

Social Marketing San Diego Conference

Social Marketing knowledge and proven social marketing is just not yet documented like Internet marketing however this social conference will out wit your Christmas competition before they know what happened! Myself and 5 more social marketing experts will be detailing how we use these marketing social concepts December 5th in San Diego for a marketing […]